Massage in questions...

  • Massage in questions ...
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Massage in questions...

A moment for oneself...

The practice of massage weaves a direct link to our body, which we tend to forget, carried away in life rhythms very stressful, borrowing emotions. 

During the session, in the greatest kindness, I accompany you to a deep relaxation, leads you to regain consciousness and listen to your body.

- Choice of massage :

It is the same day that together we choose the appropriate massage; this choice depends on a large number of parameters: your mood, your needs, emotions, tensions ...

- Procedure : 

You are comfortably installed and the atmosphere conducive to relaxation (music, lighting ...). A disposable undergarment is proposed so as not to stain your underwear and allow a good fluidity of the massage, made with essential oils, with shea butter...

- Duration of the session  :

The time of a session depends on the choice of the massage, on average the duration is 1 hour 

(About 10 minutes more will be needed to exchange, settle ...). 

- Massed areas :

The body is massaged in its entirety or only specific areas (back, legs, face ...), according to the chosen massage. 

- During the session :

This moment of letting go is yours. If you feel the need, you can express yourself and / or just relax, let yourself be carried away. 

- After the session :

You have a time of relaxation before you get dressed quietly.

- Contraindications (to consult CGU) :

It is important to exchange and report any health problem (injuries, fractures, operations, circulatory problems ...) or skin (allergies, eczema, fungus ...). If you are medically followed, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor.

5 way massage :

- VIEW - 

between natural light, chromo-therapy (relaxation by colors) and soft light. The darkness, tenfold sensations and really invites to let go. In addition, the subdued light is ideal for reserved people. 


Punctuated by the sound of soft music, you can choose your musical atmosphere among different musical themes (nature, relaxation music ...). 


A mixture of essential oils are selected and distributed in the salon for their properties conducive to relaxation. 

- TOUCH - 

Massed areas, pressure and rhythm are determined by the client and the masseur before and sometimes during the session.

- TASTE - 

At the end of the session, prolong your relaxation with a drink.

Wellness Massages are not similar to any Western medical or paramedical practice. 

The benefits are of a strictly professional nature and without any erotic or sexual character.