Les Massages 60 min.

The 60 minute massages are complete, they bring total relaxation, a letting go of the body and mind

- Cap Détente : Relaxant - Relaxing - Draining

- Hawaiian Relaxing - Relaxing -Structuring 

- Indian : Rebalancing - Energizing - Harmonizing

Balinese : Draining - Detox - Relaxing

- Thaï : Relaxing - Rebalancing

- Dutch : Draining -Decongestionant - Detox

Japanese facial Draining - Detox - Firming 

Indian head : Calming - Repairing

The massages in details

Cap Détente : Signature massage, the ultimate relaxation massage  ! 

It adapts to each person: it can be very soft and enveloping or deep, according to your wishes and needs. Complete, it combines the muscle treatment with relaxation phases and takes into account the body in its entirety. Stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation, it will help eliminate toxins accumulated in the muscles. 

Hawaiian : Relaxing - Relaxing - Structuring 

The Hawaiian massage, "Lomi-lomi" is deep and rhythmic. Realized with the forearms, the palms of the hands and the fists, the maneuvers of smoothings and pressures are fluid, ample and powerful like the waves of the pacific one. Invigorating, it releases muscular and articular tensions and promotes the harmony of body and mind.

Indian : Stimulating - Relaxing - Harmonizing 

Alternating enveloping movements and frictions on the whole body. Realized with a hot oil, this Indian massage "Abhyanga" acts in depth on muscular and nervous tensions. Draining and purifying, it promotes the process of elimination of toxins, the harmonization of body and mind.

Balinese : Draining - Detox - Relaxing 

This massage comes from Asian cultures. Very typical, it is at the same time soft and tonic, relaxing and energetic. It causes a relaxation of the cutaneous tissues, drains and acts on the disorders of the sanguine circulation, brings soothing, deep relaxation muscular and all the body.

Thaï : Relaxing - Rebalancing

The Thai "Nuad Naman" is an ancestral massage. Complete, dynamic, it integrates pressure, stretching, kneading and deep smoothing, it provides a great well-being, eliminates muscular tension and fatigue and rebalances the energy flow.

Dutch : Draining - Decongestant - Detox 

This technique, based on the Vodder method, aims to improve the circulation of body fluids through the lymphatic channels. It is effective especially in the lower limbs and to fight cellulite. It helps to decongest tissues and is particularly recommended for people suffering from water retention.

Japanese Facial : Draining - Detox - Firming 

This technique based on the "Kobido" method is assimilated to a natural face lift. Simple facial massage in appearance, is a holistic care with aesthetic and relaxing virtues is a harmonious blend of effleurages, kneading, percussion and soft pressure. It helps rebalance the energy flow of the face as well as the neck. This good distribution of energy is at the origin of the youth of the skin. This facial is a real beauty treatment and gives impressive results.

Indian Head : Calming - Repairing Traditional 

Indian art of the massage of the head, the "shirot-champi" produces a total well-being. Petriages, acupressure and smoothing of the trapezius, the neck of the face and the head end with a Shampoo of the scalp with hot oil. it calms, promotes a restful sleep. It also reduces the problems related to the ENT sphere (nose, throat, ears), as well as headaches and migraines.

Wellness Massages are not similar to any Western medical or paramedical practice. 
 The services are of a strictly professional nature and without any erotic or sexual character.