Well Being Appointments

Enjoy your stay at 

Camping & Spa Club Cap Soleil 

To get started and discover 
the DO-IN and WATSU, 

Well-being techniques 

Animated by Teva, Spa and Wellbeing speaker of Salon Cap Détente

The workshops take place during the week according 

to a schedule of free animations put in place by the 

 Camping & Spa Club Cap Soleil
and Cap Détente Salon

- Information at the campsite reception - Limited places - 

Workshops reserved for Camping guests

Massage, relieve, relax 

 "Learning to do it yourself" 

DO - IN :

Self massage technique

The do-in comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine whose central concept is vital energy. For various reasons (tensions, stress ..), it happens that this energy circulates badly. The body is vulnerable, exposed to various ailments, physical or psychological.

The do-in consists in restoring this circulation by means of pressure, tapping, friction along the meridians. It is simple to learn and provides immediate deep relaxation and revitalization.

Benefits :

  • Release muscular tension 
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Increases tone, well-being and motivation 
  • Daily help to step back and manage emotions 
  • Develops attention to the present moment through movement and breathing 
  • Promotes full body awareness, balances body and mind 

WATSU : (water + shiatsu)

relaxation massage in the water 

A unique experience to give and receive! 

At the rate of breathing, with the help of water that facilitates movement, the recipient, equipped with floats, can surrender in the benevolent arms of the donor. 

It alternates cradling or stretching movements and pressures on the meridians, with sometimes also times of calm and listening. For the recipient, the sensation of weightlessness promotes relaxation, it feels immediately lighter, as relieved of all tensions which leads to the letting go

Benefits :

  • Relaxes muscles, relieves aches, spine 
  • Stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic and respiratory system 
  • Promotes the holistic release of body and mind, an interesting solution to everyday stress