Massages 45 min.

Star (feet - hands - head) : Soothing - Relaxing

Indien Head : Calming - Repairing

Foot Thai : De-stressing - Relaxing - Relaxing

Massages in detail

Star Massage (feet - hands - head) : Soothing - Relaxing 

The "Star" massage consists of massaging the 5 extremities of the body (feet, hands, head). This massage uses different techniques (reflexology, Indian massage of the skull, Kobido and Shiatsu). It stimulates the reflex zones and brings relaxation and relaxation. 

Indian Head Massage : Calming - Repairing

Traditional Indian art of the massage of the head, the "shirotchampi" produces a total well-being. Petriages, acupressure and smoothing of the trapezius, neck of the face and head end with a shampoo of the scalp with hot oil. it calms, promotes a restful sleep. It also reduces the problems related to the ENT sphere (nose, throat, ears), as well as headaches and migraines.

Foot Thai Massage : De-stressing - Relaxing - Relaxing

​Toe massage at the knees.

It provides a great relaxation and general relaxation. the "Thai Foot" is made using a wooden stiletto and by wrapping maneuvers, kneading, pressure, touch, smoothing in hand. The goal is to stimulate the reflex zones, the acupuncture points and the energetic pathways from the toes to above the knee.

Wellness Massages are not similar to any Western medical or paramedical practice. 

The benefits are of a strictly professional nature and without any erotic or sexual character.